Nature Match Cuts – The Podcast Reconnecting You With Nature

Nature Match Cuts – The Podcast Reconnecting You With Nature – Petra van Cronenburg

Directly from the nature park Vosges du Nord in France …

  • Naturpark Nordvogesen


the podcast exploring marvels of biodiversity and fascinating cultural heritage. Listen to inspiring stories from the intersections of science and nature writing, cultural knowledge and art!

In a confusing and challenging time of crisis and multiple transitions, we need to overcome the obstacles on our way to solutions and change: our anthropocentric and disconnected view of life. The more-than-human life should get a strong voice of storytelling.

You can make the difference:
Reconnect to nature with me!

I am Petra van Cronenburg, a journalist and nature lover. I'm broadcasting directly from the nature park Vosges du Nord in Eastern France with its richness of landscapes and historical finds.

Reconnecting to nature means love and compassion, means sensing our kinship, our connections with the more-than-human life.
Only if we feel connected to our natural and social environments, we can find and implement solutions because we are driven to protect what we love from the bottom of our hearts.

Get the awe through an inspiring change of perspective as flora, fauna, and landscapes become actors and storytellers.

Always on the last Thursday of the month starting with the 26th of July, 2022.

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Nature Match Cuts

No matter if you are a nature lover, eco-activist or just seeking inspirations for your every-day-life: get the awe through an inspiring change of perspective as flora, fauna, and landscapes become actors and storytellers.

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