Gras und Nostoc

Helping Seagrass

Helping Seagrass – Petra van Cronenburg In my new NatureMatchCuts episode "When Gardeners Run Wild", among other things, I talk about the important role of seagrass for marine ecosystems, and for carbon sequestration. But we also hear about how climate... Read More
Batman-like figure gardening with cactus pots.

How To Interview A Bat

How To Interview A Bat – Petra van Cronenburg It was born as a joke: my interviews of more-than-human living beings in my podcast NatureMatchcuts. Or how a bacteria blob once formulated: "these being beings". At first, I was afraid... Read More


When did you read the following expressions for the last time on social media? "Mankind (will be doomed/is silly/destroys nature)" or "people (are silly/egocentric/don't pay attention to what I say)". I can understand, better comprehend the furor that lets you... Read More
sky with clouds

Polyplurimetacrisis – where’s your brake?

Yesterday it had cooled down perfectly after the heat wave - I was finally able to walk the dog again during the day. On the field path, a majestic creature suddenly sailed above us, its calls reaching from afar. A... Read More

Chuck it all in?

Recently was World Wildlife Day. And today I want to tell you why I don't give up and don't chuck it all in. Impressive photos from all over the world were sprouting up on social media with the wildlife we... Read More